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Tikva’s Children’s Home welcomes children of all ages, from infants to younger teens. From the moment they enter the home, they are taken care of, given an opportunity of life that would have been unattainable in their previous situation. For years, they are provided with food, shelter, education, and, most importantly, mentors whose mission it is to truly assist them in transitioning into being functional, thriving adults.

After living at Tikva for a portion of their lives, people often wonder what the transitional period from a children’s home to the real world looks like since it must be a bit of a shock for young adults who are so used to another way of life. Here is a look into life after Tikva.

Life After Graduation

Once these children turn 16 years old – and are deemed both mentally and academically mature enough to continue on to the next stages of life – they officially graduate from Tikva. After graduation, they meet with Tikva’s qualified team of professionals, where they are taught strategies and skills that will help them seamlessly transition from life inside the home to life in mainstream Israel. From here, they attend high school, enroll in university, or go into vocational training, pursuing their dream profession.

Tikva’s Programs

There are two different programs that currently help to serve Tikva’s immigrants as they begin building their lives in Israel:

Tikva’s Vocational Development And Employment Placement Program. It can be very difficult to try to build a life in an environment where you feel like such a stranger, let alone attempt to find a job in a foreign area. This program was founded with the intention of aiding these immigrants in narrowing in on their talents and skills so that they can pursue a professional career path in line with their strengths.

Jewish Holiday Program And Shabbat Retreats. It’s hard to not feel lonely when you are in a place so far away from your family, especially during the holidays. Tikva staff makes it their priority to bring people together during the holidays, so, every year, they transport 150 alumni to be in community with one another at hostels throughout the country.

Currently, over 400 children that have graduated from Tikva have gone on to Israel in order to make a better life for themselves – and that number will only continue to rise. I am so grateful that I can help financially support Tikva in changing the lives of so many people!