For some people, giving back to their community and making a difference is a passion and a way of life. Helping out your fellow man and thinking of new ways to raise money for a cause you care about is a fantastic feeling. Of course, these acts are most of the time done out of the kindness of our hearts. However, there are actually jobs to be had in the field of fundraising and philanthropy. Here are a few careers you can pursue in fundraising:


Fundraising Event Planner

If you are an organized person who knows how to get things done and execute them to perfection, then an event planner is right up your alley. If you have these skills and have a passion for making a difference in the world, then being becoming a fundraiser event planner is even more perfect. In this role, you are in charge of seeking out sponsors, advertising events, finding and coordinating volunteers, and covering the logistics of the event. It is a pretty demanding job, but rewarding in so many ways.


Individual Donor Outreach and Relations

This position is ideal for someone who is a people-person. Most of the time when donors give to a charity or fundraiser, they would live some thanks in return. It is because of this simple and vital fact that fundraisers and charities have positions in individual outreach relations. In this position, you are reaching out to donors and thanking them for their donation. Sometimes the goal is another donation or simply securing a long-lasting relationship between the donor and the organization. 


Grant Writing

Not many people are giving the gift of excellent writing, but those who do know how to right have the opportunity to do a lot of good for the world.  Grant writers are many times the sole reason a lot of charities and nonprofits have money to make a difference. It is a grant wrister’s job to craft the perfect proposal to get the money and resources the organization needs to fund their project.

A career in fundraising can be very rewarding. Not only are you helping to make the world a better place, but you are also building a strong professional future.