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Why Supporting Charities is Good For Business

It’s important to always remember to give back to your community and support worthy causes. As individuals, we do it to support our fellow man and help those who are less fortunate. As for businesses, it can actually help improve your image all while making a huge difference in the world. It’s crucial for businesses,

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Careers in Fundraising

For some people, giving back to their community and making a difference is a passion and a way of life. Helping out your fellow man and thinking of new ways to raise money for a cause you care about is a fantastic feeling. Of course, these acts are most of the time done out of

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Developing Nonprofit-Corporate Partnerships

The relationship between nonprofit and for-profit businesses is an important one. Partnerships between the two companies have created vast amounts of community service and social good throughout the areas in which they operate. When looking for a business to partner with, you will want to make sure that you are asking the right questions and gathering the right information.

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Social Entrepreneurship: The Bond Between Business And Community

Starting your own business is an exciting venture. Actually surviving as a small business is monumental - only 10 percent of entrepreneurs can actually say they have done this successfully. One would think that once these two accomplishments have been achieved that an entrepreneur would be satisfied, looking to the future to see the continued

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