tom leydiker philanthropic opportunities in new york blog

In the city that never sleeps, there are endless activities for you to become involved in. For many, New York is a place where individuals go to pursue their dreams or to discover new areas that can fulfill aspects of their lives they feel have been missing. To some, this could be furthering a professional endeavor or exploring a future in the arts. To others, it could simply be wanting to immerse themselves in an entirely different environment – a community that is constantly growing and filled with seemingly endless possibilities.

Not all seek fulfillment in their independent success, though. Some are captivated by New York for the world of philanthropy it opens up. There are so many organizations that have roots in New York. Not only do these organizations make a significant impact on the local community, but a number of them also make an impact on a global level as well. There is never an excess of resources available to these charities, so it is always inspiring to see the community come together to support these efforts with both their money and time.

If you’ve been wanting to give back but aren’t quite sure of where to start, here are a few charities that are very dear to my heart:

1. American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is dedicated to providing relief and even preventative services in order to aid suffering. Their services not only make a difference in the surrounding areas, but their outreach extends throughout the rest of the world as well. If you have had any relationship with the Red Cross in the past, you are already familiar with some of their services, like donating blood and safety courses. But their disaster relief services have quite an impact in helping to rebuild communities in third world countries and beyond.

2. Doctors Without Borders

With offices in twenty different countries, it’s no surprise how far the effects of this organization can reach. Doctors Without Borders revolutionized the way that victims of disasters and war received emergency assistance and were one of the first organizations who not only provided this service, but were able to grow it to such a large extent.

3. Habitat For Humanity

Another organization with roots in a variety of locations, Habitat For Humanity is one of the guiding forces responsible for improving the living situations of low-income families. Because of their vision, the resources they receive from their supporters, and the individuals who volunteer their time to help build the homes, they have been able to change the lives of thousands of families, promising them safety and security by putting a roof over their heads.

If any of these charities mirror causes that are important to you, consider donating to them or supporting their efforts. Without you, they would not be able to live out their missions.